4 Common Types of Treatments Podiatrists Can Address

Your feet may not look like much, but they’re an anatomical marvel. Consisting of dozens of bones, joints, and muscles, the structure of your feet is strong enough to carry you over long distances, withstand the stresses of high-intensity movement, and also support the weight of your entire body.

But as you age, you become prone to foot-related problems. A foot and ankle doctor in Singapore, also called a podiatrist, might be able to help you with your problems. What are the kinds of foot issues that your doctor can help you with? Here are some common foot issues that your doctor can look at.

  1. Bunions. Bunions are bony lumps that form at the bottom of your big toe. Bunions aren’t necessarily a dangerous foot problem, but they can grow over time and become painful if neglected. You might require bunion surgery in Singapore if it grows to a point where walking is uncomfortable.


  1. Nail fungus, moulds, and growth. Clean nails are an indicator of good overall health. If you see any discolouration or weakening of your nails, you should probably consult a podiatrist for nail fungus treatment and other advice on how to keep your nails hygienic.


  1. Achilles tendonitis. This is a condition stemming from the injury or overuse of the Achilles tendon. If you’re experiencing pain along the back of the heel or leg, you may have this. Achilles tendonitis treatment in Singapore involves icing the feet and restraining from further exercise.


  1. Heel or sole pains. There can be many causes of heel pain. If you’re experiencing any type of foot pains, it’s advisable to seek a podiatrist for heel pain treatment in Singapore.

If you’re looking for a foot and ankle doctor in Singapore to help you with foot issues and concerns, reach out to ECPC in Singapore. Talk to a medical professional about any podiatric issues.