A Checklist Of Characteristics Of A Good Confinement Lady In Singapore

For all mums who have just given birth, one of the things they look forward to is resting while ensuring they stay on top of their primary priority, which is taking care of their baby. One guaranteed way to do this is by getting confinement services in Singapore. As a new mum, you would want to take some time off after the nine months of labour, carrying a heavy weight on your tummy, sleep deprivation, and all that. Confining yourself is one way to help you recover after giving birth.

In the Chinese culture, confinement or 坐月子(zuoyue zi) is a traditional practice, a big part of the Chinese culture, where a woman will stay indoors for a certain period of time to assist a new mum recovering from pregnancy, labour and child delivery. A confinement lady in Singaporegenerally stays inside the house for 30 to 40 days, but this can still change depending on the agreement. During the confinement period, your nanny comes to the rescue and provides you with the extra help you will need.

Most ladies from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore are well-trained and experts in nursing newborns and new mums during confinement. However, how can you ensure you’ve got the best confinement nanny for you and your little one? Consider the following characteristics:




One of the things you need to evaluate when hiring a confinement lady in Singaporeis their kindness. What is their treatment toward you and your spouse during the interview? This lady will deal with you and your newborn, so naturally, you will want to get someone who can treat you two nicely. She must be caring, compassionate, and approachable, so you would not be afraid to take chances when you need something from her. The same applies to your newborn. She must have an exceptionally inviting character to get along with you and your newborn.



Before getting confinement nanny services in Singapore, look for a well-organised lady. Hire someone who can handle all her roles and responsibilities in a very organised manner. From dealing with the child, nursing you, helping you out with the household chores, instilling a feeding and napping routine for your little one, easing your confinement transition, giving you care tips and tricks, to accomplishing other tasks. Having a nanny with a well-organised arrangement can efficiently complete the chores for the day while ensuring you and your newborn are well taken care of, providing you with less anxiety.


Patience and tolerance are two fundamental characteristics of a good confinement lady in Singapore. They must absolutely be tolerant of your needs as a new mum and the requests of your newborn. This attitude is necessary for a confinement nanny. The tasks of a nanny adjust each day and can be a tad hectic. While she deals with your little one, there are other additional tasks she needs to accomplish, like putting the baby to rest, assisting you with anything, cooking for you, cleaning the drain bottles, and others.




Some circumstances can happen while your confinement lady in Singaporestays in your homes, such as emergencies, surprise visits from friends, or sudden gatherings with a family. In these instances, say a medicinal concern comes up, they must be able to respond quickly and be able to contact an endorsed clinic or physician that your family has agreed on prior to the confinement arrangement. They must also always pay special attention to any signs of inconveniences they may battle with, especially those concerning the newborn and new mum.


While interviewing your candidates, check for the most honest confinement lady in Singapore on your list. Having an open, straightforward, and fair nanny is essential. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to go out unbothered when you are out. A good confinement nanny should not hold back on straightly telling you how she feels, if there’s something wrong with your baby, or any slight trouble. Ensure to look for this characteristic in your confinement nanny, so she can completely address any issues or inconveniences happening around the house or concerning the newborn.


The good thing about hiring from a confinement nanny agency in Singaporeis their set of experts, well-trained, and professional babysitters. Since they will temporarily stand as parental figures, they must know the basics of caring for newborns. They should also be good at giving help and taking care of new mums in the period of their confinement and labour. A good confinement lady should be able to complete various duties while assisting the mother to recover and easing their transition. But for the most part, the confinement nanny will attend to your newborn, so they must have good caring skills to help take care of your baby on a timetable.




When hiring a confinement lady in Singapore, the golden rule is to look for an accommodating one. They must be accommodating enough to attend and take your requests. A good confinement lady doesn’t only work to provide care for the newborn but also gives therapeutic care to the new mum who just gave birth or transitioning. A dedicated and accommodating babysitter can offer assistance and support, whether the new mum needs help or not. They do something already rather than waiting to take action unless the circumstance calls for help. A good babysitter works with an arrangement of assistance, be it for the newborn or new mum.


Last but definitely not the least! When hiring a confinement lady in Singapore, ensure to land on a babysitter with years of experience, someone who is an expert at taking care of babies and mums, someone devoted, and one who will give an individual, specialised consideration to the needs of you and your newborn.

The Key Takeaway

So now you know what makes a good confinement lady. The next step is to look for one. While there are numerous options on social media and the internet nowadays, hiring one from a reliable and credible confinement nanny agency in Singaporeis still the best bet. Searching for an ideal babysitter to deal with your newborn requires exertion, and you must set your expectations. Considering the numerous cases of children or newborns abused by their nannies, you must ensure to find one that fits these eight characteristics.

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