Did You Know of These Three Services in General Dentistry?

The initial consultation and diagnostics, including x-rays, CAT scans, and wax molds for replacement teeth, are only a few of the many procedures covered by general dentistry.

Various services form part of general dentistry. This blog looks at three of the most common services.

1 – Preventive care: By preventing illness before it starts in your mouth, preventive dentistry helps you maintain good oral health. The cornerstone of prevention is regular examinations, which may include diagnostic pictures like x-rays.

If necessary, your general dentist may suggest preventive procedures like sealants in addition to providing you with specific advice to help you improve your at-home dental hygiene. Additionally, your dentist’s office can fit you with a personalized mouthguard if you live an active lifestyle.

2 – Aesthetic procedures: With a variety of cosmetic procedures, many general dentists can give you a brilliant smile you’ve always wanted. These include cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, lumineers, and teeth whitening. Consult your family dentist about a smile makeover if you want a whiter smile.

3 – Restorative services: If a problem is identified, your dentist will make sure you receive prompt and effective care. The most typical (and efficient) dental restoration comprises cleaning out tooth decay and filling the afflicted tooth.

However, general dentists offer a variety of therapeutic services. They provide a location where you can go if you require immediate care for dental trauma, such as a broken, loosened, or knocked-out tooth.

Additionally, they might provide denture fitting assistance, place crowns or bridgework, or provide treatments for missing teeth. Some offer more sophisticated procedures such as root canal therapy, orthodontic care, and dental implants.

Final thoughts

For the most part, general dentistry is concerned with disease prevention. However, it is a broad term that includes restorative and aesthetic treatment services. Horton Family Dental provides a wide range of expert dental care solutions.