What to Expect in a Full Body Checkup

Everyone has gotten a physical exam before. It’s a simple doctor’s visit, where you usually don’t even have to leave the clinic. However, a stethoscope and a reflex hammer won’t be able to catch everything. Do you want to see how every part of your body is doing? Do you want to ensure that they’re all in top shape? If you do, it’s time for a full-body checkup.

A full body checkup involves running diagnostic scans on every part of your body to ensure everything is working well and if there are any abnormalities. Many diseases sometimes go unnoticed because of a lack of symptoms, but this checkup can catch these diseases early, such as cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.

Here are three ways to get ready for a full body checkup.

Ask your doctor for your options.

While a full body checkup can catch most warning signs of disease, some clinics and health centres have different packages. These health check-up packages may include more specific tests in your full body checkup for a higher price. Feel free to ask your doctor for their opinion on which package you should get. The essential package is enough for you if you are generally healthy. It’s also the best option if you’re saving money. If you have any medical conditions that might benefit from extra screening, look for a package that accommodates that.

If you’re chronically ill, bring any documents of your diagnosis.

The doctors performing your checkup should know your medical history and status before they begin. That way, if they see any abnormality that aligns with your disease, they’ll know what it is and see if it has progressed or regressed. You can also ask for medical advice on your existing conditions. For example, if you have high blood pressure, the clinic could check on its progress and prescribe you something.

Take care of yourself before your appointment.

To ensure the full body checkup doesn’t skew one way or the other, take proper care of yourself before your appointment. Get eight hours of sleep, avoid eating fatty foods, and don’t overexert yourself. Avoid drinking alcohol, as it could affect your kidney, liver, and blood tests. Inform your doctors if you’re pregnant or on your period. You’ll be able to skip x-rays if you’re pregnant. If you’re on your period, you might have to reschedule your checkup until after your cycle is over.

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