3 Items You Need for Continence Care

If you are unable to keep your urine in, you are not alone. Thousands of people worldwide suffer from some form of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is when an individual cannot hold in their urine for whatever reason. Weakened bladder muscles and other reasons may lead to one requiring continence care.

Whether you are a pregnant woman with newly weakened bladder muscles or a senior who cannot keep urine in, many individuals require the same supplies to lead normal lives as they recover from their condition. Here are a few examples of some supplies you need (aside from a urine bag).

1. Pads

Special urine pads worn inside the underwear can catch urine and ensure that you stay away from nasty accidents. There is a small caveat, however— women might try to use menstrual pads as an easy alternative, but this is much less effective. The pads will not be able to catch urine as people design them to absorb blood. Your skin may still become damp and even risk infection.

2. Pull-up pants

For those with mild to moderate incontinence, heavy urine pads do not have to be your only solution. You can buy pull-up pants designed to soak mild to moderate urine leakage. You can find these incontinence care supplies in supermarkets and other medical centres.

3. Urinals

Sometimes, we do not have the luxury of having bathrooms near us to collect our urine when we get leaks. We need appliances or equipment to help us get through it. Urinals are small devices that collect urine. You can reach a portable one in your bedroom easily compared to running to a bathroom when you have leaks.

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