How To Prepare Yourself When Visiting A Skin Dermatologist In Singapore?

Every skin dermatologist does more than acne treatment in Singapore. You should know that they are not just skincare experts that help you have more flawless skin. They are doctors that can diagnose and treat skin disorders.

In other words, they can also do STI testing, skin cancer screening in Singapore, etc. If you plan to consult a skin dermatologist for the first time, here is how you can come prepared.

1. Share Your Skincare Routine

Like any doctor, a skin dermatologist in Singapore will also need your habits. In this case, your skincare routine. Knowing how you take care of your skin will help them access your skin problems. Their assessment will be more accurate if you show them the skin care products you have used and currently using.

2. Go Bareface

If your face and body have lots of makeup and beauty products, they cannot see the actual colours of your skin. You should know that paler or more vibrant skin can mean something to your health.

3. Remove Your Nail Polish

The same goes for your nails. Many skin problems, including skin cancers, can often first appear on nail beds. Therefore, you should remove your nail polish before coming to your appointment.

4. Bring Your Medical Records

Your skin is a very good health predictor. If your skin dermatologist knows your medical history, it can give them clues about your skin condition.

5. Be Specific About Your Symptoms

No doctors can accurately diagnose a patient without knowing their symptoms. You have to tell your skin dermatologist everything, whether you are getting a hair laser treatment or STI testing.

Now you are ready, do not forget to book your appointment, especially if you plan to get STI testing in Singapore.  Remember that most clinics are fully-booked, so they may not be able to assist if you walk in without a scheduled appointment.