Features to Look for in Emergency Dentistry

A good dentist should have a cheerful and smiling face. This is not meant to be too much of a joke; Rather, it is because the patient feels good. Having a respectful attitude towards the patient, being patient and listening to the patient, and responding to them are important characteristics of a good emergency dentist.

As a dentist at Elmwood Park Dental in Toronto says, a good emergency dentist must provide accurate information about the disease process and how to treat it, and also provide proper information to patients about dental health and care. The dentist should feel sympathy for the problems of the patients, be sensitive to the problems caused by the disease, and comfort the patient with a sympathetic attitude so that the patient can easily seek help from the dentist.

An ethical dentist should not speak ill of his colleagues, and if a patient speaks ill of other dentists, the doctor should resolve the misunderstanding. Keeping calm, and refraining from humiliating and insulting the patient is one of the priorities of a good emergency dentist. A dentist should not discriminate against his patients. For example, not following treatment appointments can make the patient angry.

Necessary Equipment in Emergency Dentistry

The first thing that attracts the attention of patients when visiting a dentist’s office is the dental space and facilities. Dentistry is one of the professions that require cleanliness and hygiene. The four important parts of dentistry are:

Patient Waiting Room

Because the patients who visit the dental office are of different age groups; as a result, it is better to consider two separate waiting rooms to keep them calm. A general waiting room and a waiting room for children. Placing entertainment devices such as magazines, books, toys, and dolls in the waiting rooms reduces the anxiety and stress of patients.


One of the most essential parts of the office is the presence of a proper bathroom. The dental office bathroom should have all amenities such as toilet paper, mirror, toilet liquid, etc. It is also very important to have a toilet for older people.


The place where the patient is admitted should be separate from other parts of the office. The reception area should have the necessary facilities for visitors, including a place to fill out special forms and a place for the patient to talk with the staff.

The place where the secretary is located should be in such a way that patients can easily communicate with him Because the office secretary is responsible for filing files and accepting patients. In addition, the secretary must have good manners and punctuality so that the patients are fully satisfied with the way he treats and assigns appointments.

Therapeutic Space

The treatment space in emergency dentistry includes the doctor’s room, laboratory, and sterilization room. Due to the sensitivity of dental work, the treatment space must be very clean and sterile so that the patient can be sure that sterilized equipment is used and he will not get another disease. Therefore, some dentists use glass sterilization rooms in the middle of the clinic so that the patient can observe the sterilization process and make sure that hygiene is observed.