General Dentistry and Dental Issues

General dentistry is the approach that addresses all dental problems and focuses on the issues associated with oral health. General dentists prevent and treat different types of dental diseases. Due to the advancement of general dentistry, there are many ways to treat a dental issue. For example, for a tooth loss issue, you can get a dental implant surgery, a denture, or a dental bridge. Here we assess some of the dental services performed by a general dentist in the dental center:

Preventive Dental Services 

According to a dentist in Toronto, the general dentist will guide you and perform preventive dental services. The dentist’s goal at this stage is increasing oral hygiene and reducing the possibility of dental cavities and other dental issues. Professional teeth cleaning in the office is done, and the dentist provides instructions about having routine dental hygiene and a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet. They will strengthen your teeth, so they resist tooth decay.

Restorative Dental Services

As an experienced dentist near Toronto explains, after a dental issue, the dentist needs an x-ray to assess the areas involving tooth decay or infection. Regular check-ups help the dentist diagnose the issue at the early stages. If he sees tooth decay, he will clean the parts carefully and fill your tooth with colored dental fillings. Sometimes, you must file down your natural tooth so he can put a dental crown. Dental crowns are suitable for those whose teeth are badly damaged. Here, dental crowns give more strength and reduce the need for tooth extraction. The general dentist also treats the missing tooth with dentures or dental implants.

Oral Surgeries

The dentist may need to perform oral surgeries for several reasons. Sometimes, the only way to extract a wisdom tooth is to do it via surgery. Advanced periodontal disease are treated through surgery. The dental implant needs a more complex surgery. However, minor soft tissue injuries (lips, cheek tongues) need urgent oral surgeries.

What Qualities Should a General Dentist Acquire?

The general dentist should pass four years of education in a valid university (graduation from an undergraduate program). They should get the requirements of state licensing boards. In addition to their degree, they have some training that is more practical, like implant placement or dental cosmetic procedures. After a year of training, they gain enough experience and become a successful dentist expert in their job.

Does a General Dentist Perform Cosmetic Dental Services?

Some general dentists perform some sort of cosmetic dental services. Some dental treatments, like orthodontics, serve both the restorative and cosmetic purposes of treatment. Professional teeth whitening is another skill of a general dentist.

What Is the Difference Between a General Dentist and an Emergency Dentist?

The general dentist is not always available; you can find a general dentist in working days. In contrast, emergency dentists are available 24 hours a day. Emergency dentists qualify for managing dental emergencies. General dentists do not have the tools and skills to handle an emergency condition. So, they may refuse to accept many dental emergencies. As previously mentioned, if you visit your general dentist at least every six months, you are less prone to dental emergencies.