Comparing Dental Implants with Tooth Replacement Methods

Finding the best teeth replacement for lost and missed teeth is challenging, but you can choose the best method over time. Finding a set of artificial teeth that are the same as your natural teeth is crucial. The collection of teeth must be healthy in appearance and look equal to your natural teeth. Dental implants are the best, most popular, and most common teeth replacement. Implants are better than any available teeth replacement and an excellent method to have beautiful teeth. These artificial sets of teeth have different advantages and disadvantages. Performing implants depends on your need, budget, and dental condition. The good news is that you have extra teeth replacement methods, from cheap to costly procedures. Based on the gathered information, most people are eager to experience implants more than any other tooth replacement. Traditional options are better than implants.

Why Is Dental Implant Better than Other Tooth Replacements?

A dentist applying teeth implant in Vancouver says that since implants equal natural teeth, they are the best choice for replacing your missed or lost tooth. Also, these artificial teeth function the same as natural teeth.

You may see someone who has issues with implants, but they are some extraordinary conditions. Most of the time, implants are fit and suitable for different jaw bones, but some people with sensitive jawbones cannot experience implant surgery.

A dental surgeon will attach implants to your jawbone via a complex and challenging jawbone surgery. Artificial teeth will get connected to your jawbones next to other real teeth.

Therefore, these sets of artificial teeth will get familiar and used to your natural teeth. You can perform your routine activities after the recovery time. Each implant works just like your natural teeth with the best functionality.

Implants’ color is the same as natural teeth. Implants and natural teeth are very similar, so it will be tough to recognize these teeth from each other.

What Are Traditional Teeth Replacement Methods?

There is a list of traditional tooth replacements available for you. Performing dental bridges is one of the most valuable conventional procedures to replace your missed and lost tooth.

It is an excellent replacement to use a fixed dental bridge. Dental bridges are false teeth that replace the dental gaps in your mouth. Cosmetic dentists attach dental bridges to your natural teeth.

Your real teeth will fix the artificial teeth. Note that dental bridges can remain in your mouth for 15 years. Another type of traditional teeth replacement is dentures.

As you know, dentures are removable, and you can use a complete set of dentures or a partial one. Dentures can be a suitable tooth replacement process. The basic materials of these artificial teeth are plastics.

Note that your natural teeth will get and hold your artificial teeth in the fixed manner and best location. You can remove and take out your dentures whenever you want at any time.

The gathered information shows dentures will stay in your mouth for 5 years. Generally, implants are more similar to your natural tooth than traditional tooth replacement, so most people choose implants.