Nourish and Revitalise: Herbal Hair Treatment in Singapore

Herbal treatments offer a natural way of reversing hair loss or damage. You can encounter hair loss from vitamin deficiencies, hormone changes, or genetics. Some deformities, like thyroid disease or more severe cases like cancer, can also cause hair loss.

Most patients prefer herbal hair loss treatment because of the harmful side effects of chemical remedies. Singapore has some of the best herbal hair loss treatments for any condition. For instance, Two Herbs is a natural solution to hair loss and scalp problems. Continue reading to learn some methods and the best herbal treatments for hair loss.

The Ideal Herbal Hair Treatment

This method is effective for treating hair loss due to its protein content, a significant nutrient for hair growth. Herbal hair treatment in Singapore such as Two Herbs can take any form, as shown in the table below:

Remedies Common Herbal Composition Benefits
Herbal hair oils Chinese hibiscus, brahmi, coat buttons, jatamansi, and ginseng. Most herbal oils have many ingredients for stimulating hair growth. For instance, Brahmi contains alkaloids that activate proteins for hair growth.
Polyherbal ointments Gooseberry, gotu kola, aloe vera, and holy basil. Ointments naturally strengthen the hair and promote growth. Gotu kola is for increasing hair length and blood circulation to the scalp.
Herbal Creams Giant dodder, bitter apple, false daisy, and night-flowering jasmine. Herbal creams are for treating a particular health condition. For example, the giant dodder is an Ayurvedic plant for treating alopecia, which results from steroid hormones.
Herbal gels Fenugreek, and marking nuts. Studies show that herbal gels containing fenugreek are perfect for increasing hair volume and thickness.
Cubosomal suspensions Oriental arborvitae, espinosilla, goji berry, and tuber fleece flowers. Oriental arborvitae is a member of the cypress family, which stimulates the growth stage in resting hair follicles.

Best Hair Treatment in Singapore: Two Herbs

This clinic stands out for its unique herbal treatment for hair in Singapore. From premature greying and hair loss to scalp strengthening, it produces the best hair products tested and approved by several agencies. Two Herbs was founded by Riff Lim Kian Hong in 2012.

The establishment produces several healthy products, including a specially formulated herbal scalp paste. Riff Lim Kian, a certified trichologist, ensures each product contains several hand-picked and meticulously dried ingredients.

Two Herbs product boosts several benefits, including cleaning dead skin cells, reviving hair to become silky, and moisturising dry hair. They have several outlets in Singapore and are available from Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Some noteworthy products and services from Two Herbs are:

  • Male hair loss treatment
  • Hair shampoo
  • Dandruff and scalp treatment
  • DIY home treatments
  • Hair growth tonics
  • Hair loss treatment

Male Hair Loss Treatment

Baldness is common among men in Singapore, with studies showing that more than half of Singaporean men will experience baldness before they reach 50 years old. It is beyond their capabilities as it results from genetics, but some men experience hair loss because of a few wrong turns.

Lack of testosterone is a cause of baldness because, as men grow older, they lose this hormone. Testosterone converts to DHT and acts in several parts of the body, such as hair follicles and cells in the prostate. Hair loss comes with several emotional impacts, and men experiencing the issue feel less confident.

They consider themselves unattractive and older. This can lead to depression and low self-esteem among aging men. You can solve this issue using several alternatives, but the herbal hair treatment for hair loss from Two Herbs is the best. The herbal solution offers a 100% natural and safe method with a blend of Chinese herbs and Ayurveda medicine.

DIY Home Treatments

Getting quality home treatments for your hair can be daunting, with several options available online. Before getting a product, ensure it is from a brand you trust rather than making random orders. These treatments have many benefits, as you will not spend your time and money in the salon. Two Herbs has several home treatments for hair loss. These treatments include:

  • The hair loss paste
  • Greying hair paste
  • Dry scalp collagen
  • Scalp peeling gel

The dry scalp collagen has several natural ingredients, including the hydrolysed royal jelly protein, which contains 60% to 70% water, 15% proteins and 3% vitamins. Collagen is rich in proteins; we all know how significant the nutrients are for hair growth.

Herbal Hair Shampoo

The detrimental side effects of regular shampoo make their herbal counterparts the preferred solution for women in Singapore. These herbal shampoos are famous for their ingredients, such as essential oils, plant extracts, and herbs. They are also free from harsh chemicals like parabens and sulphate that are harmful to sensitive skin.

The natural composition of herbal shampoos makes them the perfect solution for hair loss, as they stimulate growth and enhance overall hair health. Two herbs have two categories of shampoo: hair loss shampoo and daily clarifying shampoo.

The daily clarifying shampoo reduces oil on the scalp, stops itchiness, strengthens hair roots, and prevents hair loss. Hair loss shampoo is used to tackle a particular issue. The shampoo is a 100% natural means to stop hair fall in women.

Dandruff and Scalp Treatments

If you want the best solution for your dandruff-related problems, go 100% herbal. Two Herbs herbal remedies contain no chemicals, and the HSA tests these products to ensure their quality. Like the other products, the treatments are made from Chinese herbs and Ayurvedic ingredients.

It works by cleansing the dirty scalp and soothing itchiness. The treatment has several friendly reviews online, with some describing it as God’s gift. The solution has earned the 2019 Women’s Weekly Best Anti-Dandruff Treatment.

Hair Growth Tonics

Age is a significant factor in hair loss because, as we grow, we lose the necessary nutrients in the body that keep our hair scalps together. The best approach to this issue is to use natural herbs and solutions to add nutrients to your hair to make it fuller and healthier.

We’ve looked at ways to add these nutrients to your hair; however, our list is incomplete without tonics. Tonics are used to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles to ensure healthy growth. Two Herbs also excels at making some of the best tonics for hair growth. They include

  • Hair loss tonic
  • Herbal tonic
  • Swertia Japonica Ampoule

Do Herbal Hair Treatments Work?

Hair loss affects millions of men and women in Singapore, and you can fix the issues with several available treatments on the market. Two Herb’s hair loss treatment in Singapore has proven to be the best because it offers a natural way to restore the disorder. We’ve given our view of the best method in Singapore for tackling your hair loss issues.