Importance of Water and pH value for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Virginia?

One of the most important things that every living plant needs is water. You can drastically alter the yield and the quality by changing the water quality and technique of watering. 

When planning on growing cannabis, most people pay very close attention to the room temperature, humidity, nutrients, lighting, pesticides, etc., but they forget the most important of it all; water and water’s pH value. 

This is why today; we will shed light on the importance of water in growing Cannabis Seeds In Virginia. We will also explain how to ensure you get the best yields by factoring in water during the growing stages. 

Importance of water in growing cannabis seeds in Virginia 

Water is like public transportation; the nutrients use water to get inside the plant’s body and help them grow. Water distributes the nutrients, moistens the substrate, adds oxygen to the soils and roots, and helps in maintaining the pH levels. 

Only knowing when to water the plants is not enough. You also should know when not to water the plants. The plants will starve off oxygen from the roots and die if you add excess water. 

Which water you use also plays a crucial role. For example, osmosis water is the ideal choice for watering. Adding water with high mineral salts will block the plant’s roots from getting the essential nutrients. If you use tap water, you need to add enzymes to avoid mineral salt build-up. 

Why is the pH value of water important?

The pH value precisely describes the acidity or the basicity of the fluids. If the water is acidic, it will have a low pH value from 1-7. On the contrary, if the water is alkaline, the pH is higher from 7-14. The neutral pH value is 7, and cannabis seeds and plants always require neutral pH water, whose ideal value is between 6-7.

The pH value is important because the plant’s ability to absorb the nutrients depends on the pH value. The majority of the nutrient deficiency problems are because of the pH value of water and not because of issues with the nutrients. 

For instance, if your water is alkaline, the plant will not properly absorb iron. If the water is acidic, it cannot absorb more calcium or magnesium. 

How to properly water your cannabis seeds in Virginia?

New growers run into most problems because they are unaware of the importance of water. Inexperienced growers tend to give excessive water and see the plant is not absorbing enough nutrients. They add excess nutrients but do not address the root cause of excessive water.

The proper way is to not underwater or overwater it, but always look at the soil’s condition. Try giving the soil some time to dry between watering sessions. When the soil dries up, it gives the plant time to bring in oxygen, essential for growth. 

A common way to find the right time for watering is by checking the soil. Insert your finger inside the soil up to 2-3 inches. If your finger comes out dry, it means the soil is dry, and it needs some water. If the finger is wet, do not water the soil, as it has enough water. 

In conclusion

Water and its pH level are very important for growing plants. So always be careful with the water level. To buy the best quality cannabis seeds in Virginia, visit Weed Seeds.