NAD & NADH – How Enzymes & Coenzymes Impacts Your Health

The human body needs vitamins and minerals to function and maintain a healthy body. The level of intake of these essentials every day will also determine how your body will remain functional and how likely you are to experience certain disorders or problems. Hence may invest in buying supplements and vitamins from an online supplement store in Singapore.

While vitamins and minerals are important to our health in general, enzymes and coenzymes are also integral for facilitating chemical reactions in our body to work. Too little (and even too much) can lead to health complications and disorders, which is why taking supplements and learning how to replenish them naturally is part of maintaining health.

Enzymes and Coenzymes

Another factor to take into consideration are the enzymes, which act as biological catalysts and proteins to accelerate chemical reactions, and they also serve to speed up our metabolism. Many essential examples of enzymes are Trypsin and Lipasesand these can be found in honey, mangoes, papayas, pineapples, etc. Hence, some health and beauty supplements carry out enzymes for dietary needs. All in all, one can take advantage of supplements to support the body’s need to use enzymes.

On the other hand, coenzymes help provide more energy for the cell. They also serve as related to antioxidant activity in our body. In biochemistry, they are considered a non-protein organic compound that the enzyme needs to perform its activity within our body. Many patients experiencing specific diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart failure and HIV infection, have been seen to have lower levels of coenzyme. One such example of coenzyme compounds is NAD and NADH. So, what is NAD first?


Let’s look at the NAD first. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide functions as the role of providing our body’s cell with the energy it needs for our body’s system to work properly. NAD is found in almost every living cell. It also supports healthy ageing. Hence it plays a critical component in our body processes and cellular energy production.

Now that you know what is NAD in relevance to your health, your body must maintain or balance its level for optimal health. If you want to feel healthy and energised, maintaining the level of NAD is crucial. However, it declines as we age.

Therefore, intaking supplements and dietary plans that promote the level of replenishing NAD is also a must. NAD supplementation provides plenty of health benefits that help reduce the risk factor for heart disease and high blood pressure. One can find these types of supplements from a local drug store or online supplement store.

Nonetheless, many still prefer increasing their NAD levels in an organic and natural way. Here are plenty of ways you can do to increase NAD+ levels naturally:

  • Take regular exercise
  • Add healthy food choices to your daily diet
  • Incorporating intermittent fasting now and then
  • Increase your body’s malic acid
  • Increase your body’s temperature
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.


Now that we have explored what one needs to know about NAD—let’s talk about NADH. In biochemistry, NADH stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) + Hydrogen (H). NADH plays a critical chemical process in helping us have better mental clarity and the ability to concentrate and recall memories.

While NAD serves to energise the body and helps you feel healthy, NADH contributes to the oxidation of the cell processes. The difference between the two is evident in the chemistry where NADH regains the electron lost by NAD. It has a charged hydrogen molecule, which is the H+. NADH is a vital coenzyme for regenerating the heart and the brain cells for better function.

Many people opt for supplements that specialise in supplementing NADH. Since NADH benefits mental clarity, memory and alertness, many also use it for medical purposes to treat patients with dementia with Alzheimer’s disease. Since it’s not easy for the body to generate NADH, taking supplements becomes a necessity for a few people who have low NADH levels and cannot maintain them.

NADH is formed in the glucose of the food you take, but it requires different vitamins and is often related to genes. Hence, some types of bodies have more difficulty generating NADH levels than others.

Here are some ways to increase NADH levels:

  • Proper diet with green vegetables and fruits
  • Limit or control your caloric intake
  • Eat foods with high fructose level
  • Exercise regularly and reduce stress

Health Maintenance – Enhancing Your Gut Health

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While NAD and NADH help energise our body to work, knowing how to focus on your gut health is also a hidden key to improving your bodily function. An optimal functioning digestive system allows you to absorb the vitamins and nutrients you need for your body to work.

While we often focus on beauty supplements and having healthy skin, one should never overlook the importance of gut health. It is also your immune system’s line of defence and affects your mood. Without further ado, here are ways you to enhance your gut health:

Manage stress

Stress can impact your gut health, believe it or not. It affects the microbiome and increases gut motility. Taking a breathing exercise and meditating help reduce stress levels for better digestive health.


Hydrate your body

Apart from buying supplements from a local online supplement store, hydrating your body by drinking enough glasses of water per day can help improve digestive function. Having enough fluid helps regulate bowel movement and stomach acids.

Track what you eat

What you eat also affects how your digestive system works. It can do harm or good, depending on the type of food that you eat. Thus having a food diary helps you understand what types of food that make you bloat or give you heartburn and problematic bowel movements.

Prioritise quality sleep

Your sleep quality is also another factor that can influence digestive processes. The inability to sleep properly can heighten stress, and as we know it, it impacts your digestive health. Therefore, prioritise having a quality of sleep by sleeping early and getting adequate rest periods.

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