4 Questions To Ask Your Physical Therapist In Singapore

Also known as physiotherapy, physical therapy helps patients recover from an illness or injury through exercise, massage, and other forms of physical treatment. It is a medical speciality that relieves discomfort and rehabilitates different body parts by restoring their motion. A physical therapist can even help Singapore patients develop more stable and flexible physiques through holistic programmes.

But before typing the words “physiotherapy clinic near me” on your phone, you must find and choose the ideal physical therapist who could treat your condition and address your health concerns. Here are a few questions to help you learn about their abilities and reliability::

1. What Is Your Background In Physical Therapy?

Like hiring an employee at a company, you should understand a specialist’s background and expertise before receiving treatment. See where they received physical therapy education and training. Additionally, check if they have a facility around Orchard and offer osteopathy or physiotherapy services. Doing these things will allow you to learn about your physical therapist and see if they can address your health concerns.

2. What Can You Do With My Condition?

Before receiving stretch therapy or other Singapore physiotherapy treatments, ask your therapist how undergoing such remedies can benefit you. Making this inquiry will allow you to gauge the expertise and capabilities of your specialist.

3. How Often Should I Visit Your Facility?

Getting a single back pain treatment from a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore is not enough to experience relief from your condition. To help you learn about the number of sessions you need to get treated, ask your physical therapist how often you should drop by their centre.

4. How Much Do You Charge For Your Services?

All physiotherapy treatments in Singapore cost differently. To ensure that a programme fits your budget, ask your physical therapist about the price of their services. Doing so will also allow you to see if a clinic is overcharging you.

Ask the questions above before receiving treatment from physiotherapy clinics like Edge Healthcare. Visit their website below to learn how their physical therapist can help you find relief from your health issues.